Programmer, robotics hobbyist, and math enthusiast.

Hi! My name is Andrew Norton, and welcome to my (perpetually under construction) website. I am currently a fourth-year student at University of Virginia pursuing a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics. My primary focus is data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, with a persisting interest in the analysis of algorithms. This is particularly applicable to my background in competitive robotics.

I am currently the president of ACM@UVa, the school's chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. Through this organization, I competed in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). In November of 2015, November, the team consisting of myself and two other UVa students placed 1st out of over 180 teams in the ICPC Mid-Atlantic Regional Competition, earning us a spot in the World Finals, which was held in Phuket, Thailand in May of 2016. My passion for competition programming led me to choose Computer Science as a major; I regularly participate in HackerRank competitions and participated in USACO during my senior year of high school.

Recent and Ongoing Projects

  • Undergraduate research with Professor Yanjun Qi in the Machine Learning group at UVa.
  • Contest Director for UVa's Fifth and Sixth Annual High School Programming Contest.
  • Led robotics projects during UVa's Center for Diversity in Engineering Summer Camps. (Read more...)
  • A TSP Art generating program; given an image, create a stippled version with a TSP path that "looks like" the original image. (Read more...)
  • An enhanced math library for Java, with a particular focus on Number Theory.

Other Websites

You may know me from elsewhere around the web:

I can be contacted at my first name@apnorton.com.